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The Guided Path

As you start down the path to optimize your small office or transform your contact center, our Guided Path methodology helps you see around corners and navigate through each layer of the process.   We incorporate decades of experience, strong governance, and easily adopted change management.

The PROSPER Principle

PROSPER is an acronym that embodies the core assessment foundation and re-design process of The Guided Path methodology. Experience tells us that many departments and distributed office locations can benefit by leveraging a re-discover and re-design mindset at the time of a UCaaS/CCaaS project.

We believe this approach gets everyone united within an organization - on the same page, with the same goals, heading in the same direction.

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Process Re-design

This is where we gather requirements, understand your business processes and immerse ourselves in your business for deep discovery.  This is where we address the experience of everyone touching the system - Customer, Employee/Agent, Manager, Administrator.  We refer to this as capturing the needs of the Universal User Experience (UX).

We will review, discuss, refine, and further define the approach forward.

Process Re-Engineering during a crucial project is a great time to course correct, optimize, leverage learnings, standardize after merger & acquisitions, and bring consistency to your organization and the customer experience.

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This is where we look at recapturing revenue streams and assist with ROI.

Contact Center managers are always looking for levers to pull to increase profits, reduce expenses, maintain compliance, elevate customer service, and meet expectations of internal stakeholders.

Profitability can result from many sources of which StrataCX will identify and create harmony among.  It is critical that the Business, IT, Marketing, Distribution Channels, Procurement, SMEs, C-suite Execs, etc. understand their contribution and role in a transformational project.  This reduces obstacles and fosters pride as a stakeholder.


Customer Journey

Benchmarking your customer experience and charting the path to an optimum experience is of paramount importance in maintaining customer loyalty, credibility, and market share.

At StrataCX, we have mapped and led the necessary changes to execute the CX Transformation you seek.  We will walk you through the evaluation, process improvement, and re-engineering approach that reduces or eliminates the possibilities for a poor customer experience.  One of our primary success factor indicators is your CSAT score.

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Change Management

At StrataCX - We drive Adoption, not Disruption!

The last thing users need is another system to be trained on.  They must see value in order to adopt the new solution.  They must see the value in a new way forward. For this reason, we want to understand and identify areas of redundancy, systems to be sunset, culture, training capabilities within an organization as well as addressing major concerns or apprehension.

Fear often comes from the unknown, so sharing and clarifying information is key to a faster adoption rate.

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Corporate KPIs

At every point throughout our assessment and design/re-design process, we never lose sight of your overarching Key Performance Indicators.

Whether your KPIs revolve around Increased Profitability, Increased Market Share, Reduced Operating Costs, Reduced Hardware Footprint, Higher CSAT, Better Employee Collaboration, Stricter Compliance, or Business Process Improvement - we use each KPI component as a litmus test before every proposed change.

StrataCX keeps an eye on the big picture while each office/department focuses on their individual optimization.

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Step-by-Step Guidance


   Re-design for



   Profit and



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Operational Speed

This part of the process really enables the Business to be more nimble and make key changes at the speed the Business needs to move.  Many changes go undone in contact centers simply because of the delayed processing time necessary to involve IT, vendors, or other third parties.  Operational Speed is directly related to CSAT, profitability, compliance, cost savings, and competitive strength.

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Expense Reduction

Reducing expenses can be as important to a transformational project as increased profits, and much easier to quantify as part of a Business Case.

Many contact centers strive to become more of a Profit Center and less of a Cost Center.

StrataCX will help you maximize areas of savings in both IT and the LOB.  It is crucial to point out that reduced headcount is not always the most effective path - reduced future hiring plans for years 1-5 is much more effective and is more comfortable to support by most stakeholders.  Targeting the re-purposing of existing employees garners stronger support out of the gate as well.



At StrataCX - We are customer obsessed!

Our goal is to understand how to help you take your customer service to the next level.  We will learn the behavior, interaction patterns, and the expectations of your customers.  We will guide you through the customer service elevation process to offer your customers the options they prefer when interacting with your company - web, phone, virtual agent, chat, text, email, etc.

Our goal is to enable your customer to interact with you Anytime, Anyway, Anywhere - always their preferred path.



Our methodology addresses the best path in mitigating risks throughout your UCaaS/CCaaS project.  

StrataCX will share best practices and put up guardrails to avoid course correction downstream.  We will share common pitfalls and will advise that if you do these things we recommend, you will fully mitigate many risks.  If you do not, you will likely introduce risk to the project.

We will help identify the appropriate resources and the structure of recommended teams such as: IT Executive Council, Steering Committee, Advisory Groups, SME Contributors, etc.

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