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Market Leading Solutions

As we begin the orchestration of your Cloud Migration, we will focus on the Employee Experience and the Customer Experience.

StrataCX partners with market leading UCaaS/CCaaS providers.  We're with you every step of the way and will help you determine the most appropriate solution for your business.


Unified Communications as a Service    

Designed for the Employee Experience (Team Collaboration) - mainly small, distributed franchise offices and non-call center employees in large corporations who need state of the art SMS/MMS Messaging, Video/Audio Conferencing, Call Recording, Fax and Phone capabilities.


Contact Center as a Service          

Designed for the Customer Experience - including ACD, IVR, Intelligent Call Routing, Call Recording, Chat, Email, SMS, Social.  Many components can be added to this offering based on business requirements - Dialer, AI Virtual Agents, Chatbots, Workforce Management, Quality Management, CSAT Surveys, etc.

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Artificial Intelligence

UCaaS/CCaaS platforms are AI infused.  AI keeps business moving at conversation speed - offering automated note taking, transcripts, and conversation summaries. Conversational Intelligence that captures customer intents, sentiment and speech analytics. Added features of Generative AI Search and AI Messaging.

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The Time is Now

Why Migrate to the Cloud?
How can you leverage AI?
Why UCaaS?
Why CCaaS?
Why Now?
What is your Compelling Event?

If you're not migrating to the cloud for cost savings, efficiencies, enhanced operational effectiveness, and delivery of greater customer service,

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UCaaS/CCaaS solutions offer ongoing savings in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for many key reasons. 


Migration to the Cloud brings the following benefits:

  • Enables Business to move at conversation speed

  • Moves cost from Capital Expenses to Operating Expenses

  • Reduces resources needed to manage onsite servers

  • Reduces physical footprint in your data center

  • Reduces ongoing hardware maintenance fees

  • Easy to implement, configure, manage, and administer

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